Four Quarters Challenge

Thanks for taking part in our CENA Four Quarters Challenge in March 2021!

Link to just giving page for BACK ONSIDE charity.

Updates are taken from Strava every couple of days, but if you need to add more time on to your total that isn’t on Strava then fill in the form below. Please only message once (it may take us a few days to process) and only send hours not on Strava.

PositionClub NameTotal Hours
1Team Barnton0
2Team Bass Rocketeers0
3Team Dunedin 10
4Team Dunedin 20
5Team Dunedin 30
6Team Edinburgh Emeralds0
7Team Edinburgh Energy0
8Team Edinburgh Oceans0
9Team Edinburgh Royals0
10Team Holyrood0
11Team Inverleith Swifts BBN 10
12Team Inverleith Swifts BBN 20
13Team Inverleith Swifts Juniors Cobras0
14Team Inverleith Swifts Juniors Panthers0
15Team Inverleith Swifts Juniors Pythons0
16Team Inverleith Swifts Juniors Tigers0
17Team Inverleith Swifts Juniors Vipers0
18Team Napier Uni0
19Team St Andrews0
20Team Xonics0

Please use this link to add any new hours that you haven’t already reported and also are not showing on the Four Quarters Challenge on Strava. Please remember it may take a day or so to appear here.